Jibambe Holiday Savings Account

Jibambe Holiday Savings Account

Plan for your stress free holiday by saving through our Holiday Savings Account. This account is easy to open, offers competitive rates of interest and has no ledger fees.


  • Available to Sacco members
  • Minimum saving of 500 monthly
  • Minimum interest earning balance of 5,000
  • Can be withdrawn twice annually every 6 months
  • Attractive interest rate
  • Saving modes -Cash, Internal FOSA standing orders, Checkoff, direct debit, PESA Tele, paybill
  • One month withdrawal notice
  • Savings can be used as collateral to loans


One has to register as a Telepost SACCO member.

An interested member fills a holiday savings application form

Only copy of I.D. is required

Telepost Sacco Society LTD