Emergency loan

Emergency Loans

Emergency loans are short term loans intended to cushion members of the unforeseen circumstances that may include sudden hospitalization, funeral expenses, and court fines. The loan has a maximum repayment period of Twelve (12) months and has an upper limit of 200,000.00 (Two hundred thousand shillings).


  • This is a loan payable within 12 months installments
  • This loan is meant to cater for emergency cases or unforeseen circumstances such as court fines, hospital bills, funeral/burial, sudden sickness or any other case considered as emergency loan in the society’s by-laws
  • This type of loan must be supported by relevant documents. A member must present a current pay slip and supporting documents
  • Qualifying shares X3
  • Maximum amount applicable is Kshs 200,000
  • Minimum of three guarantors subject to amount applied

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